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Creative Brain

The English Gardeners, Tom Kerr and Thomas Houtman both have a creative brain.

They merged the two in their shared passion: designing and bringing to life vibrant, unique outdoor spaces. Before a design is created, Tom and Thomas visualize a picture of all possibilities. Together, they put this on paper, after which the garden’s construction and often maintenance follows.



Tom Kerr grew up among the green hills of Ireland and came to The Netherlands in 1983.

Previously Tom had been working as a foreman in various parks in London, including one of the oldest Victorian parks, Myatt’s Fields for many years.  

Even in his spare time he was busy creating gardens for private clients. Not long after he settled in the Netherlands he started his landscaping company, The English Gardener.
His studies at the Royal Horticultural Society and his extensive experience provided him with a wealth of knowledge.


Thomas Houtman grew up among the fields on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. He graduated from St. Joost Art Academy in ‘s-Hertogenbosch in 2012. His artistic background as an autonomous artist combined with the broad work experience he gained with renowned artists, including Anne Wenzel, has resulted in Thomas’ unique perspective on composition, construction and texture. While still at College he collaborated extensively with Tom and in 2021 they decided to join forces which resulted in The English Gardeners.


The Art of Composition

The gardens created by The English Gardeners are often recognizable for their composition which typically consists of three elements. This composition brings peace and unity. The planting, which often appears as if it has naturally grown is meticulously planned and selected. The distinctive and creative perspectives of both Tom and Thomas result in the creation of unique, extraordinary and authentic gardens.


Customer Oriented Garden Design

Working in association with the customer is of great importance to The English Gardeners. Through consultation they consider how to design a garden to enjoy and in which young and older people will feel comfortable. Whether it’s a compact city garden or a landscaped villa garden The English Gardeners guarantee the creation of a stylish, attractive and comfortable outdoor space.